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You  know, as a I understand it, Mudd denied knowing or recognizing Booth 
when  he was arrested, Eyewitnesses though refuted this, and there were 
several  known meetings between the two,
Leaving out the inaugaration day photo,  which may or may not portray the 
together (the recent Harvest of Death  discussion comes to mind on what a 
photo tells you and what a photo  says).
And there is a substantial amount of evidence that later  on, after the 
trial, Mudd did admit to various people that he indeed had known  that Booth 
was his patient.  His lying to investigators that such was the  case was the 
thing that most made him look guilty of knowing perhaps more than  he really 
did.  I have no doubt that Mudd was fully knowledgeable about the  kidnap 
plot, but I am not convinced he knew beforehand about Booth's change in  plan 
to assassinate Lincoln.
That Inauguration Day photo (actually, more than one Inauguration Day  
photo) is a fascinating piece of evidence that falls short of absolute proof,  
but surely it is remarkable that a band of men in close proximity could all 
bear  such physical resemblance to Booth's comrades.

Bruce  Trinque
Amston, CT

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