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Buy the  book.  See what you think.  
I have bought the book.  I have read the book.  I have re-read  the book.  
I have carefully compared the book with other secondary sources  and with a 
considerable number of primary sources.  I have even carried a  copy with me 
during a "John Wilkes Booth Escape Route Tour".   And as  I have said 
before, I consider it history, good history, even though if I were  the author I 
might have chosen a somewhat different stylistic approach.   But my point 
was that Ed Steers, surely a pre-eminent historian of the Lincoln  
Assassination if there ever was one, has expressed high praise for Swanson's  book.  It 
appears that because the author chose to present the narrative  with more 
"scene-setting" details than any extant primary source could yield you  have 
chosen to view everything else he has written as being invalid.  But  since 
Ed Steers praises the author's narrative as getting the details right, I  
think I will side with him.

Bruce  Trinque
Amston, CT

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