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Hi John-
Booth met with Mudd some 3 times.  The first time he had  a letter  of 
intro to a Dr Queen.  He stayed at the Bryantown  Tavern.  He was introduced to 
Dr Mudd at St Marys on this occasion.   This is a bit unusual as the Mudds 
were mo0stly members of St  Peters.
He made a second trip down and spent the night at Dr  Mudds.  I think this 
is when he bought the one-eyed horse.
Then in December 64 Dr Mudd came to DC, ostensibly for Xmas  shopping.   
Booth saw Mudd on the street with John Surratt, whom Booth  had been told to 
meet as he could helpful..
"Just  the facts, ma'am." 

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I've always believed that  Mary Surratt was in on the initial plot to kidnap
Lincoln and take him  South to Richmond to trade for CSA prisoners.  As time
went by and the  Union armies drove the ANY further South of Fredericksburg
it was probably  no longer a sure bet to be able to get Lincoln quickly
across the Potomac  and into CSA controlled territory.

I've always believed and have read  that Booth made at least one trip to Dr.
Mudd's posing as a horse buyer but  probably scouting out possible routes,
safe houses and sympathizers who  might help in the initial enterprise.
That Mudd knew Booth is not a doubt  in my mind.

The plot eventually became one to kill Lincoln and as many  members of his
cabinet as possible.  I do not believe Mary Surratt was  ever told
this....just to keep her in the mix.  0f course she could  never admit this
during the trial without admitting to being in the  conspiracy from the

Just my opinion....but I'd like to hear  some other theories from our

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> For years it has been rigidly held to at the Dr Mudd  house  that is was
> completely innocent.
> My point  was that contrary to the past a docent there made the  statement
>  that Mudd was guilty.
> That's all I was saying.
>  "Just  the facts, ma'am."
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> Peter
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> In a message dated 1/15/2012 8:15:33  P.M.  Eastern Standard Time,
> CWMHTours at  writes:
> I've   been out to Dr M's maybe a dz times  this past year and I  was
> shocked
> recently when  one young docent came out to say Dr M was    guilty.  I  
> my
> tongue.
> Good heavens!  Did  thunder  rumble and the earth split open when he  said
>  this?
> Bruce  Trinque
> Amston,  CT
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