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> I've   been out to Dr M's maybe a dz times this past year and I  was
> shocked
> recently when one young docent came out to say Dr M was    guilty.  I bit
> my
> tongue.
> Good heavens!  Did thunder  rumble and the earth split open when he  said
> this?
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You know, as a I understand it, Mudd denied knowing or recognizing Booth 
when he was arrested, Eyewitnesses though refuted this, and there were 
several known meetings between the two,
Leaving out the inaugaration day photo, which may or may not portray the two 
together (the recent Harvest of Death discussion comes to mind on what a 
photo tells you and what a photo says).

Having said this, Terry Nichols was convicted of consiracy and manslaughter,

While the evidence against Nichols may be much more compelling, the evidence 
against Booth was certainly enough to get him tried.

In national emergencies, trials tend to favor cautionary verdicts.

The nut never falls far from the tree.



I read a while back a study of the evacuation of Japenese Americans from the 
east coast during the war. Most within the command structure felt it was 
wrong. But the evacuation went ahead anyway.
I never understood this until 9-11. Then, for the first time in my life, I 
understood what a visceral reaction fear for your family is.

Mudd was lucky he wasn't hung. (And pesonally I believe he knew, at a 
minimum, that an action against Lincoln was in the works).

On a lighter note, did Booth really try to assault Lincoln at the 

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