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The  facts are lost to time and the best that you can hope to do is to  
approximate them by the careful evaluation of available evidence.   Other 
people will do the same and they may or may not agree with your  
conclusions -- maybe because they have access to different evidence or  
because their standards of interpreting and evaluating the evidence are  
different than yours.
Yesterday I came across an interesting and relevant statement in a  
scholoarly paper I was studying (about the exact chronology of a letter sent in  
the 14th century BC from an Egyptian queen to a Hittite ruler in the aftermath 
 of the death of her husband, the main point of contention being "what 
queen and  what king?" -- and you thought that Gettysburg can be obsucre and 
arcane!):  "This paper will now turn to those issues which bear some import for 
the matter  of the identity [of the Egyptian king] and Amarna chronology 
associated with  it.  It does so with the realization that no current  
reconstruction seems to be able to account neatly for all the evidence.   Each must 
attempt to explain away at least a couple of uncomfortable issues, and  
hence, each remains less than completely satisfactory.

Bruce  Trinque
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