GDG- Dead soldiers and looting

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Didn't Monsieur Thénardier take watches and stuff from the dead on the fields of Waterloo?


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I usually went for the gold teeth first...

Seriously, all that stuff is done, but discouraged if there happens to be anybody with authority around.  Just like the more recent Abu Ghraib experience, under violent circumstances a different sense of morality seems to take over.

Actually, I think more modern (SE Asia forward) US soldiers, with some exceptions, tend to be a little more squeamish and a little more civilized about that sort of thing than their WW II counterparts.  A lot of people pick up souvenirs, but not so much body parts. 

In any war, CW included, there will be people looking to pick up something of value or something they can use.

The Marines, now, in addition to eating babies and using improvised candle holders...but that's off topic...



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