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Am not dealing with you Al until you retract your  accusation-  go post to 
someone else until you do.
"Just  the facts, ma'am." Sgt. Joe Friday. Dragnet.

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I sure seem to recall  seeing it on TV many  times.

Prove to me that he didn't say  it.  Then you have  some  credentials with  

It's a fallacy to ask someone to  prove a negative.  You make the  positive 
assertion he said it,  so the burden of proof is yours.  I've  provided 
evidence to the  contrary.  You just provide another factless   rant.

As far as I am concerned, as I live and  breath,  I  sure  recall seeing it 
and hearing it many  times on  Dragnet.

And before you call me a liar go do some  research and  watch  every 
both the old series, and  the newer one in the  60s.  If you  watch every 
single one  and don't see them say just  the facts ma'am then I may  drop  
I've seen every episode already.  It's up to  you to provide the  episode 
which he says it.

Otherwise,  according to your own standards, you're a "lying author."   Of  
course, those aren't my standards, and I wouldn't call you a "lying  
but to be consistent we should hold you to the same  standards you want to 
impose  on others,  no?

Before I  relocated a year ago we got Dragnet on  that cable  company.  I  
sure recall either Friday or his  partner saying   it.
Which is it?   You claimed Joe Friday said it. Now is it him or his  
partner?   If he didn't say it, by your own standards, you're a "lying   
Again, I would be willing to say it's just an honest  mistake, but  in 
order to 
be consistent we should hold you to the  same standards you wish to  impose 
on others.

And  just  because you come along and say it isn't true you rush  to use  
as  an excuse to call me a liar!
Just  holding you to your own standard.  Or can't you take holding   
to the same standards you want for  others?

You've  got some problems  Al,
Talk about projection.

and  you  may just want to  apologize to  me.
I apologize for holding you to the same  standard you want to impose on  
others.  I'm sorry you can dish  it out but you can't take it.  And  
finally, I 
apologize for  treating you the same way you want to treat   others.

You  can't prove without watching all the  episodes that they  didn't say 

and you call me a  liar.
The burden of proof is on you, since you  claim he said it.  I reject  your 
claim, and I have provided  evidence that your claim is false.  For  
who wants to  deal in black-and-white facts, you're short on them.

And  just  how do you know they didn't say   it?
I've seen every episode of the show with  Jack Webb as Joe Friday, as well  
as the movie.  Also, I have  evidence to contradict you.

You're a big believe in wikipedia, aren't  you?

"Supposedly, he also made the line, 'Just the facts, ma'am,'  famous. In  
fact, what Friday actually said in an early episode is  'All we want are 
facts.' Friday, as portrayed by Webb, never  actually said the oft-repeated 
phrase. Indeed, it was more Stan  Freberg's parodies of the Dragnet series 
that  popularized the  phrase."


See  also:


Just  give me the facts Sir and stop calling people  liars until  you can  
You  first.

"Just  the facts, ma'am." Sgt. Joe Friday.   Dragnet.
Never said it.  According to  your own standards, that makes you a  "lying 
author,"  then.

Best Regards,
Al  Mackey
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