GDG- Killing Lincoln

John Lawrence jlawrence at
Sun Jan 15 13:38:29 CST 2012

Hello, the simple refutation is that it is it is not a novel. Once you read it, you would understand the difference. If not I am here to help. 

Since the publisher refuses to designate this book as a history book,labeling it as such is rather arbitrary.

I appreciate your points, but the fact is I believe the point should be raised with the publisher. Your disagreement lies there.

Frankly, given your bona fides (spoken with admiration), they are more likely to lend you their ear than mine.

I appreciate your offer to help, but since I have the autobiography of the novel's protagonist (in print and electronically) I think I will just stick with the primary source on this.

Easier to separate fact from fiction.

Maybe we can sit down soon and discuss the variances, if any.


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