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Sun Jan 15 13:17:46 CST 2012

Hi Bruce.
I may have overreacted.
I went to the web site, saw the word "conspiracy" on the home page and just assumed SCV knockoff.
Thanks for clarifying.
I'll look inyo it. Maybe they want the book.

Batrinque at wrote:

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>jlawrence at writes:
>Why  would I give anything to a traitor museum?
>I would rather burn it. (The  book, not the museum).
>You may be operating under the assumption that the Surratt Society is  
>engaged in glorifying Mary Surratt and proclaiming her innocence.  On the  
>contrary, the Society is remarkable for the scholarship of many of its members  
>and publications and it steers away from any efforts to canonize Mary Surratt 
> and portray her as an innocent victim of the Government.
>Bruce  Trinque
>Amston, CT
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