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To follow-up on what Peter said on this subject, Mathias Point was one of
two main bases that were established by the Confederate Signal Corps and
Secret Service commanded by Major William Norris.  The bases were part of
what the Rebels called the "Secret Line" along which agents of the South
could move back and forth between Richmond and Washington on up to New York
and as far as Canada.  One example is that Mary Surratt's son John traveled
this route as an agent/courier between Richmond and points north.

Mathias Point is located on the Virginia side of where the Route 301 bridge
crosses the Potomac from Charles County, MD to King George County, VA.  The
other main SCSS base was near Oak Grove, a few miles south of Mathias Point.
Agents, foreign visitors, mail, newspapers, contraband goods, etc. traveled
along this route.

It has been pretty-well demonstrated that the Confederate SCSS was directly
involved in the planning to capture Lincoln and spirit him along this route
through Southern Maryland to Virginia.  There is evidence that SCSS
personnel were primed for this to happen.

There is no smoking gun, however, that the authorities in Richmond conspired
with Booth to assasinate the president.  Although, Booth was helped by
Confederate agents to escape along this route into Virginia after the

Tom Ryan

P.S.  Whether or not Richmond was directly involved in Lincoln's
assasination, the man responsible for Confederate foreign (including the
United States) covert operations, Secretary of State Judah P. Benjamin,
burned all of his records when Richmond fell and left the country as fast as
possible -- never to return.  As far as I know, Benjamin, who settled in
Great Britain, did not write a memoir which clarified his role, if any, in
the assasination.


The place where Ward attacked on the Va shore of the Pot Rv  was a very
important Conf Secret Service base, or that of the Torpedo  Bureau.  The S
shore was lined with them throughout the war.  This  particular base was on
spy/courier route that Booth used in his  escape.   They kept the Md agents
apprised of the events in VA among  other things.  I think it was raided a
number of times.

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