GDG- Valley Forge at Gettysburg

Dennis Lawrence denlaw at
Sun Jan 15 09:41:53 CST 2012

At 04:45 PM 1/14/2012, you wrote:
>In my mind History is a summary of facts.
>And fiction is simply stuff that is not  TRUE.


      Yes, this is the basic framework.  However, your position is 
that a  history that has errors in it is not history but  fiction.

  That would disqualify most works of history.   It can be bad 
history that is filled with mistakes , but the genre is history.

Having read the O'Reilly book and the critiques, I would say it is 
bad history.  At the same time, I do not think the errors are 
egregious as have been made out to be.  The story is basically intact.

Take Care


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