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Hum corn bread, last time I had good corn bread was when I was in atlanta 
mad by a nice southern lady. Can't beat corn bread  made with real corn meal 
and an iron skillet.

Dave Ward

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Well Hi Bill-

If you are only in Indiana you can drive here all night in  time for the
Lincoln B-Day ceremony with me and John Grim.  That's an easy  trek.  ;-)
It's worth it just for the chili alone.  All you can  eat corn bread.

In response:  The facts are not murky-  which may be  a good word for it.
Our perception of the facts frequently  is.

The facts are mathmatical. They are measurable.  They are  black and white.
A fact is no longer a fact when mixed with  fiction

What is objectionable, and in my mind, immoral, is when people  insert
fiction into facts in order to deliberately distort the  TRUTH, as in people
writing books

Your  Most Obedient Servant,

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It's actually more involved than what you  describe. True enough, what
happened is truth and what didn't happen  is fiction, but what we
actually know for certain in the present  about many historical events
is often murky. Hence the need for  discussion forums such as this one.

Bill in Indy

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> Now I AM getting really annoyed.
> There is  no gray area between History  and Fiction.   It either is
> or it
> ain't.  It's either false,...  or True.   It either happened... or it
> didn't.
> Things that  happened are History.
> Things that didn't happens  are.......Fiction.....  Period.
> Your  Most  Obedient Servant,
>  Peter

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