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I don't understand this part, for one.
I assume I must be dense or stupid or both.
I fail to understand how a book with such egregious errors  describing 
events that never happened can be called a history book.  If a  book that 
describes Lincoln and Grant meeting in the Oval Office when it didn't  exist can 
be called history there is something seriously wrong  here.
Yes-  I don't understand this part.  I always  thought a book this is 
called history describes real events that actually  happened, not make believe.
And I don't understand how a publisher, unless they are trying  to sell 
something, can call a book history when it is make believe.
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>We can discuss terms, but Holt, the  publisher, does not list this as 
>a history book on its site. Maybe I  am looking for it wrong.  The 
>terms used aere samples of  descriptions used for the book, including 
>the publishers  site.

Yes.  You are wrong.  It is not a novel and the  publisher - and 
everyone else -  describes it as a  history.

Here is how the publisher describes it.

A riveting  historical narrative of the heart-stopping events 
surrounding the  assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and the first work 
of history from  mega-bestselling author Bill O'Reilly

What part of history don't you  understand?

Take  Care


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