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Jack Lawrence jlawrence at
Sat Jan 14 15:12:04 CST 2012

> Esteemed GDG Member Contributes:
> At 02:04 PM 1/14/2012, you wrote:
>>The correct term is "speculative popular history". Or "Interprative 
>>History".  In the style of bodice rippers.
> Hello,
> There is no such categories as the ones you suggest.  There is no bodice 
> ripping in it.  It is not a novel. It is popular history.
> Obviously, you have not read the book.  I have.  I'm not sympathetic to 
> it, but that does not change what it is.
We can discuss terms, but Holt, the publisher, does not list this as a 
history book on its site.
Maybe I am looking for it wrong. The terms used aere samples of descriptions 
used for the book, including the publishers site.

No one, even the publisher, seems to want to call it a history book.



Maybe its an iambic billameter poem?

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