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Ft. Ward was an earthen work fort with construction beginning in July 1861
and completed that Sept.  Restoration in 1962 has saved about 90-95% of the
entrenchments although erosion has taken its toll.  A number of trees have
been left in place as the root systems have done much to preserve the
entrenchments.  Ft. Ward was named for the first Union naval officer killed
at Mathias Point, Virginia (James H. Ward) who was mortally wounded while
removing a small flotilla to safety, by a Confederate sharpshooter.

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> Esteemed GDG Member Contributes:
> Hi Guys-
> John Grim and I have invited you all, family and friends down  to DC if the
> weather is good. A couple of GDG-ers may come.
> I found this.  I think someone sent it to me.  This  is  the view of Ft.
> Elsworth, one of the first forts built a day or 2 after  Alexandria was
> captured in May 61.  The view shows either the NW or NE  bastion, I am not
> sure.
> So far the response has been underwhelming...
> John seems to be a nice guy.  Don't make me tell him you  are not coming.
> I hope I did it right.  You should be looking at dirt but  it is there
> somewhere.
> ;-)
> Your  Most Obedient Servant,
> Peter
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