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An interesting story of Lincoln writing checks, which I cannot  verify, is 
that he frequently did not carry money but did carry his  checkbook.  It 
was, I believe the Riggs Corcoran bank across the Treasury  bldg on Penn Ave.  
A.L. apparently would be approached by beggars for  $.  Being compassionate 
he apparently would get out his checkbook and write  a check for a nickel or 
65/c.  When it was a black person who couldn't  write their name A.L. would 
write in a description of the person, such as "The  old black black plump 
woman with the red shawl".  The woman would take it  to the bank and get it 
cashed.  I like that story.  
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BROOKLYN, Ohio (AP) — A personal check that Abraham  Lincoln wrote the day 
before he was assassinated is among those that were  rediscovered by an Ohio 

The Plain Dealer in Cleveland reports  that 70 checks were found in a vault 
at Huntington Bank's Columbus  headquarters, including checks signed by 
George Washington, Mark Twain,  Charles Dickens and Thomas Edison. Some are 
being displayed at branches  throughout the state.

The Lincoln check had been made out to "self" for  $800.

The checks had been stored in a vault since at least 1983, when  Huntington 
took over another bank. An employee had begun looking through old  boxes 
last year, which led to the discovery of the  checks
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