GDG- Killing Lincoln

Pamalot Pamalot at
Sat Jan 14 12:24:36 CST 2012

There are scenes in this book set in the Oval Office, which wasn't  
built until 1909. The fire in Ford's theater was in 1862, not 1863.  
Lee and Grant, contrary to the book, DID meet after Appomattox. And,  
worse, why is the book devoid of a bibliography or ANY cited sources?!  
Oh, yes, caving relevance: O'Reilly must be living  in a cave.

On Jan 14, 2012, at 1:00 PM, gettysburg-request at wrote:

Not really a high bar, actually :)

O'Reilly's book is rife with factual errors.  He's hired a scholar to  
clean it up, and I hear that a completely revised version is coming  
out because so much of the first edition was wrong.


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