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I think you hit the nail on there head.
I am certain about the predisposition (That's a grreat word)  and I don't 
know what to do about it.
But at the W House predispositioned was the furthers thing  from my mind.
11087 Bethesda Church Rd,  Damascus, MD.  I lived  alone in the house for 
12 years.  A dozen times around 4-5 AM I would be  asleep upstairs and be 
woken up by voices in the kitchen.  Annoyed by  the disturbance I would get up 
and there would be no one there, I'd be alone  with the door locked.
In the White House I am telliung you that I was shoved a 1/2  dz timkes 
with no one near me.
I don't know what ghosts are except that they are some kind of  phenomenon.
Somebody tells me they've seen ghosts at Gtybg I get  interested.  
Your  Most Obedient Servant,

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<<   In my years I have lived in  actively haunted houses, seen ghosts, hea
them, and felt them so I  believe in them. You become a believer when you 
see one for the first  time.  >>

Or you simply have a predisposition, having  convinced yourself they exist, 
to ascribe things to ghostly activity.   

Jim  Cameron
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