GDG- O'Relly book filming for History channel

Dennis Lawrence denlaw at
Sat Jan 14 09:25:07 CST 2012

>  I remember the controversy over Mike Priests' book "Into The Fight 
> - Pickett's Charge At Gettysburg" - NPS refused to carry it at the 
> Gettysburg bookstore at the visitor's center - until a law suit was threatened.

      This is a little incredulous too.  Any bookstore has a right to 
choose whatever book they choose to sell.  I think it is silly for 
the National Park Service to not sell the O'Reilly book in their 
official bookstore, but - hint, hint, nudge, nudge - , it is 
available upstairs.

But I doubt any lawsuit would have much merit, but they can threaten 
it.  Now that is the American way :-)

Take Care


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