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Over the years I have had 2 friends who didn't know each other  tell me 
they saw ghosts at Gettysburg, I seem to recall down around  LRT.
Both of them told me these stories while they were  sober.
I know...  You are right.  The sobriety only damaged  the credibility of 
their veracity.
I would have believed them more if they weren't  sober.
In my years  I have lived in actively haunted houses,  seen ghosts, heard 
them, and felt them so I believe in them.  You become a  believer when you 
see one for the first time.
I have always tried to keep an eye out for ghosts at Gtysbg  but have never 
seen anything.  Very disappointing.
I am drinking my coffee at the moment so no need to question  my sobriety.  
later it may be questionable.
[A bit off-topic but I'll be brief:  There is a famous  ghost in the East 
Room of the White House.  It is a playful poltergeist who  likes to pull on 
women's purse straps.  I was with a tour group in there  one time and as 
usual I was standing around bored as hell and somebody SHOVED me  from behind.  
I was physically pushed.  I turned around to apologize  in case I had bumped 
into someone.  There was nobody closer than 10  ft.  I turned back around 
and it happened again.  It happened some 1/2  dz times.  And it wasn't 
Lincoln.  Well, at least this trip to the  White House wasn't boring.]
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The  ghost tours are a lot of fun, if for nothing else  than going to 
Gettysburg in  the winter, there isn't much else to do  as the battlefield 
early.   I just don't like walking on  Steinwehr Avenue anymore, say from 
Tommy's to  Kilwins for desert now  because there is that one ghost tour 
(I think  it is a yellow  house and has the Zoltar machine in the front) 
always  accosts  you to sign up for their tour and the others take up so 
much room on   the street and move for no one coming that you always have 
walk  into  oncoming traffic to get around them.

A few years ago, I  asked one of these shills if he got his training 
for the porno  houses in Times Square - shut him up long enough to get past 
(not  to  mention cracking up the friend I was with).  Honestly.  They  
should  be restricted as to how much of the sidewalk they can take up  

I've never taken a ghost tour - and unless I  completely lose my mind, I  
never will.  There are enough ghosts  down there without making up  more.

Sherrie  House

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