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I couldn't get the website up for the photo so I couldn't see  it.
I think you said that the uniform may be from the  1890s/80s?
If the uniform is not familiar you may want to consider it to  post date 
the CW.   The Grand Army of the Republic was active by then  and they had a 
number of  auxiliaries at the time.
Also, the militia units of the time wore uniforms similar to  the Civil 
War.  There is a lot of similarity in the uniforms of the  American  army in 
the Spanish-American War.
Carlisle Barracks might be a good place to contact, as maybe  the CW Museum 
in Harrisburg.  There is a military archive at Ft McNair  which is kind of 
cool.  Lots of odd little documents.  Library of  Congress may be a good 
source also.
There have to have been a number of histories of uniforms  written with 
pictures in them.
If I were you I'd start researching from 1900 and work  backwards until you 
find the right era. 
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Thanks to all who replied with their suggestions  and thoughts.

Regards, Tim

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> We  are  trying to identify the person in a photo found in an old   family
> album.  I thought perhaps someone here might recognize  the  uniform?  You
> can see the photo at:
>  _ (
>  "HA" perhaps signifies Heavy Artillery?
>  Bruce  Trinque
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