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I am just unaware of it but am no longer.
If he is such a historian then why would he write a book so  full of  
You would think someone with that background would know  better, wouldn't 
you?  He must have written some kind of theses or  something with footnotes 
and all in order to get a history degree.
I just personally am kind of tired when people with not much  expertise 
come out with some new groundbreaking Civil War book to amaze  everybody and 
half the time you can't even call it real history.  You read  it  and it is a 
major disappointment that doesn't even teach you anything  new,  like 
Your  Most Obedient Servant,

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So I guess you believe that O'Reilly's degree in  History as meaningless or 
just unaware of it?

BTW, he also taught  History.


Jeff  Burk

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>You either are  a historian writing historian or you are  not.  It's black 
>and white to me.
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