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Having been a student of the Lincoln Assassination/J.W. Booth  Escape Route 
for 30 years and done many tours of the city Lincoln sights and the  escape 
route for almost 20 there are three fabulous books which bear reading  
several times each.
Michael Kaufman's "American Brutus".
Your Ed Steers book "Blood on the Moon".
And James O. Hall et all s' book  "Come  Retribution".
Hall's book is pretty great as it goes into the history of the  Confederate 
Secret Service and Torpedo Bureau starting at the beginning with the  start 
of the war and moving on.  Would be relevent here as it puts the  
assassination in the perspective of the evolution of the Secret Service.   Covers the 
Torpedo Bureau and Matthew Fontaine Maury and other neat stuff.   Also, the 
St Albans raid, attempt to burn down NYC, and the attempt to capture  the 
Yankee ship and free the prisoners on Johnson Island.
Read all three before reading hogwashers like Swanson,  O'Reilly and 
Maury's buried in Hollywood Cem- right?   
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"Killing  Lincoln" was an outstanding read as I was  unaware of the entire 
story, like  most folks I knew the general  outline of what happened. Now I 
have a much  better understanding of  the facts.

I suppose it provides a general outline of what happened,  but there  are 
better books that cover the Lincoln Assassination,  such as Ed Steers's  
On the Moon".

Bruce   Trinque
Amston,  CT
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