GDG- O'Relly book filming for History channel

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In fact, what O'Reilly is getting out of all the controversy is a whole lot
of free-to-cheap publicity.

A lot more people (me) are aware of the existence of the book because of the
talking heads on CNN or MSNBC laughing at the idea that O'Reilly wrote a
book that had so many errors in it that NPS and Ford's Theater (at first)
wouldn't carry it.  

For some people, particularly when they are trying to sell books, any
publicity is good publicity.



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J.D.-I'm sure the authors very much want to be seen as respectable and
scholarly, and that's not going to happen if NPS won't carry it in its


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> O"Reilly stated that there were 4 errors in the first edition.  All were
>  Namaste
> Jeff Burk

As you see from the NPS list of errors that was just posted, there were more
like 4 errors on each page.

It's being rewritten because so many historical places - such as the theater
and all NPS locations - won't carry it.  Even though it's sold zillions, it
hurts to not have it such places.


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