GDG- The Harvest of Death and the Henry Spangler Barn

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You're welcome.  "The Last Sitting" is actually my favorite of my Civil
War portrait series...I actually kept the original for myself, and just
sell prints of that.
I think its very possible Skinner is buried there; sadly, I can't find a
trace of Mrs. Skinner after his death.  I also believe that the image
was taken on their wedding day, when he was home convalescing from his
Antietam wound.


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Thank you for posting the link to your paintings, Charles.  I was 
particularly struck by "The Last Sitting," especially since I live just
half-hour from the cemetery in Salisbury.  Do you know if Sgt. Skinner
buried there?  I've been to the cemetery a few times and I'll look for
grave the next time I go, although it probably won't be anytime soon, 
perhaps in the spring.


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