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Well, respectfully, George,
I graduated hi skule in 1969.  I was born with a heart  condition called 
Wolfe-Parkinson-White syndrome.  I've never known what  that was, it just 
makes me sick sometimes, but a couple  months after graduatation my parents 
handed me a a draft card that said I was  4-F.
Good or bad I've never been there in combat.  I've never  been in service 
of our country.....   
I've never been there like our honored   veterans.
I have been down to the Viet Nam Wall 1000s of  times.   Knowing I couldn't 
I have names on that wall.
So I am stuck, in wondrin about it, what I would do about  looting a body.  
 As a soldier which I never have  been....
I was just wondrin....   What do you  do....?
Your  Most Obedient Servant,

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Well, we certainly didn't have any qualms about  doing so in the Great 
Southeast Asian Sub-optimizing Experience that we are  not to mention in this 
group. Though I must stress we were usually looking for  something to eat 
other than C-rations.

I think if you've just killed  someone the other stuff is of no moral 
consequence (but not to be encouraged  because it's bad for discipline).



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> Esteemed GDG  Member Contributes:
> I don't know about anybody else  but if I was  a CW  soldier and a friend 
> mine, -or a strange corpse,   had money and  valuables on them, I would 
> unsure- and  uncertain as to the moral  quandary:  Morally should you 
> take anything at all or leave it out of  principle?    Should you take it 
> because someone else will take it if  you  leave it?
> It is 2012 and no longer Victorian times but what  should you  do about 
> stealing from corpses?
>  Actually I have always had an issue with it that upsets my   tummy.
> We have vets in here....  With my apologies for  intruding  with the 
> question what would YOU do?
>  Your  Most Obedient Servant,
> Peter
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