GDG- Dead soldiers and looting

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>From what I understand, it was common practice for soldiers to take what 
they needed from the dead. To some extent, the practice is still going on. 
But in this day and age, it probably limited to ammunition. Clothing and 
everything else is in good supply with our modern military.

Dave Ward

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I don't know about anybody else  but if I was a CW  soldier and a friend of
mine, -or a strange corpse,  had money and  valuables on them, I would be
unsure- and uncertain as to the moral  quandary:  Morally should you even
take anything at all or leave it out of  principle?   Should you take it
because someone else will take it if  you leave it?

It is 2012 and no longer Victorian times but what should you  do about
stealing from corpses?

Actually I have always had an issue with it that upsets my  tummy.

We have vets in here....  With my apologies for intruding  with the
question what would YOU do?

Your  Most Obedient Servant,
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