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More about Round Top Park, not to be confused with Tipton Park which I will detail in 

another email.'
At some point the railroad abandoned its park  because it did not pay. Aug 29, 1896,
it sold its property to the GNMP.
With the advent of the automobile, popularity of the railroad waned and gradually the 

atmosphere of the park changed. In 1913 a casino was added.

In 1918 conditions were so bad that an officer of Camp Colt.
" The condition described to me by Col. Nicholson, ( of the Battlefield Commision)
is certainly very deplorable.  He says this resort is frequented by prostitutes not only 

from Gettysburg, but who come in from York, Harrisburg, Chambersburg,
and Emmittsburg. These excursions bring with them quantities of beer and whiskey,
which they give or sell to the soldiers. On one occasion over 50 couples were detected
and driven from hiding places behind the tablets, monuments, rocks and trees of the 

reservation. on one occasion officers found over 300 beer bottles scattered around
their various hiding places."

IN 1939 the tracks of the excursion train were removed and the property was purchased 

by the government. Round Top Musueum, the buildings and dance hall were torn down,

Maybe the proponents of a new casino here should use this as an example. LOL!

Nancy Householder

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