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But wait- there's more!
In 1886 the Rosensteel family purchased two acres of land ( at the modern intersection of Sedgwick Ave
and Wheatfield Road) adjacent to Round Top Park and set up a Refreshment Stand. One of their early
notices advertised "Sandwiches, ice cream, cakes, pop, ginger ale,cigars, and tobacco.. boarding and 

lodging... meals at all hours", and stabling for horses. "Remember the place there the avenue joins Round
Top Park"  Over the years this was expanded into "Rosenteel's Pavilion" where thousands were entertained
each summer. A few relics found on the field by the family were put on display and in the decades that followed
this collection expanded ito become one of the largest  of its kind in the country. Today that collection, 

a percentage of which was on display in the old VC, is the backbone of the GNMP collection.

Another attraction which sprang up at the park was a photographic studio. In the summer of 1884 it was
William Tipton who established a "tin-type" and "battlefield bazaar gallery at Round Top Park" erecting 

the first photographic establishment directly on the battlefield.

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