GDG- Is this a true story?

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Yes, I was thinking Shaft as I composed the last email.  I always think of him when talking about the Avery / Hayes attack so that might have been why I put them backwards.  

But anyway:  You are right.  They used that story as well.  I forgot all about it.

The story was told that they marched forward and instead of reloading, would pick up a comrades musket and by the time they got to the base of the hill, the Tigers didn't have weapons left, so they picked up the limbs of their comrades.  

Except the story was that the Tigers were the ones using the limbs as clubs and not the Union soldiers.  

I take it based on your statement that there isn't any proof either side used the limbs as clubs? 

It seems this tour was 1/3 right in their stories.  I don't take the tours to learn history but I did Google the white horse and it seems to be true.  

The ghost tours are a lot of fun, if for nothing else than going to Gettysburg in the winter, there isn't much else to do as the battlefield closes early.  I just don't like walking on Steinwehr Avenue anymore, say from Tommy's to Kilwins for desert now because there is that one ghost tour company (I think it is a yellow house and has the Zoltar machine in the front) that always accosts you to sign up for their tour and the others take up so much room on the street and move for no one coming that you always have to walk into oncoming traffic to get around them.


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I can just see Issac Hayes riding across the battlefield, the theme to shaft playing as his underscore...

As for the Louisianan Tigers, it's a colorful story but I'd put it in the same bin as artillerists using the amputated limbs of their comrades as weapons around the lunets on Cemetery Hill: just another one of those stories the ghost tour guides make up.


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> Yes, my apologies.
> I was thinking the "Avery / Hayes" attack, and put the first name with 
> the wrong last name.
> Thank you for setting me straight.
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