GDG- Is this a true story?

Andy Mills amills at
Wed Jan 11 14:12:49 CST 2012

I must admit the following story comes from a "Ghost Tour" while in Gettysburg last weekend, but having learned that Col. Isaac Hayes was killed on a white horse while leading the charge on East Cemetery Hill from that same tour, I got to wondering if this story is true, but I haven't been able to find out.

In trying to explain the fierceness of the Louisiana Tigers, he relayed the following story.

A Tennessean was walking through camp and came upon 4 Tigers playing cards and was thus invited to play cards with them and indulge in some of their beverages.  After playing a hand, he thanked them for their hospitality, but couldn't stay any longer and despite being asked to stay, graciously thanks his hosts but left.  About one hundred yards from their card game, he found himself vomiting due to the fact that the Tigers were using the dead body of a Union officer as their card table and placed the candle in the bullet hole in this soldiers head.

This is a great story to illustrate the mentality of those Tigers but is there any truth to this story?


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