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OK Peter, you kind of lost me here. I'm Keith. Kerry is from Australia. I'm from Long Island. Frassanito originally describes the square object on the blouse/coat in the picture as possibly being the diamond insignia of the third corps. In his second book, with the discovery of a new angle on the picture, he hedges his bet a little, saying it could also be a piece of hardtack or a cartridge box. I don't know how long a piece of loose hardtack would have survived on that field. Not long, I'd wager.
I'll already be suffering on the 12. My wife and I are spending the weekend in Montauk.
Some other time. I've never been to D.C. and after your posts, am starting to think it an oversight that should be corrected.
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Your questions RE: the uniforms are excellent.

As we know from the Rose farm, etc, Rebs wearing Yank clothes  were common.

We have to view these pix in B&W.  I don't know about  you but it makes it 
harder for me to figger out what's going on.

W. F. makes no comments about any kind of identifying  insignia, which if 
there were some would make a difference.

Plus I am not convinced that whoever these soldiers were it is  very 
possible they could have crossed and recrossed the field many  times.

We also know, from W.F., that bodies bloat.  In other  fotos you see pants 
pulled down to the knees when these bodies were  dragged.  If the bodies 
have not been dragged it would appear that burst  pants would stay around the 
waist level.  

I don't know about you but it does not seem that all the pants  are up 
around the waist. 

John Grim and I wanna see you and a whole buncha GDG-ers down  with us on 
2/12/12.  Are you coming?  I will see that somehow  you suffer in some 
painful way if you don't.  This will be way cool-  you'll get to eat chili with 

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Good points. I'm not having a hard time picturing  it, haveing just been 
there. Are we sure that those in the background are  Union casualties? My eyes 
aren't what they used to be, and they were never  that good. I'm not 
overjoyed with these new glasses either, truth be told.  

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According to  Hartwig's series, Major Biddle of the 121st PA reported
that his regiment  received "a crushing fire" from the 52d NC of
Pettigrew's Brigade, and lost  14 KIA on July 1 on East McPherson Ridge.
The 20th NYSM, on the immediate  left, lost 24 KIA, most, again, in the
fight on the Ridge.

I would  submit that description and those numbers are consistent with
what we see  in these photographs.

Note also that 121st "changed front to the left",  and it also appears
that the bodies in the far distance are facing in that  direction.

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Given the concentration of the bodies, it could have  been shell also,
perhaps among  stragglers.

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><<  OK, I  understood the principle, a little dim on the mechanics but
both  explanations cannot fail to help achieve a greater understanding.
Now, In  (both)you're considered opinion, are the bodies in the "Harvest
of Death"  (HoD, for future ref) more likely indicative of a line of
battle, or a  skirmish line? the spacing between the bodies may not prove
anything, but  does it disprove anything?  >>
>I'm inclined  to think that the number and concentration of bodies is
more indicative of  casualties sustained by a heavily engaged line of
battle.  But there  are so many unknowns that it's difficult to say with
any  certainty.
>Jim  Cameron
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