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In your excellent description you do omit the principle of the  two....
There are two different purposes.
In a line of battle the intention is to heavily engage and  assault the 
enemy with all the forces you can bring to bear.  You are  committing all the 
forces that you can bring to bear with a face-to-face  confrontation at close 
quarters. in order to achieve victory.
Whereas.... a skirmish line is meant for the skirmishers to  not 
excessively risk themselves when possible but to perhaps take advantage  of defensive 
advantages to protect themselves while engaging the enemy.   The 
skirmishers' goal is not to overwhelm the enemy forces but to harrass,  slow down, or 
even stop the progress of the enemy.   A skirmisher,  even when spaced some 
10 ft apart from the others can take advantage of such  things as trees and 
A line of battle is simply out there to assault and accept  loses as part 
of the cost.
That is the big difference and it hasn't been mentioned much  in the GDG.
It's about time I fixed this problem.
;-)  !!!
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In a skrimish line the soldiers are 10 feet to  10 yards apart.  In a line 
of battle soldiers are lined up almost  shoulder to shoulder.  That said, 
not every soldier in a line is killed.  so just because there is spacing 
between the men does not prove anything.  

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