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One of the most famous Civil War exhibits in a state house is in Rhode Island. You walk in the entrance to the 

Rhode Island State House, in Providence, and there are two Civil War cannons there, one on each side. One
of them is the famous Gettysburg cannon.  It is from Battery B, 1st Rhode Island Artillery, Capt Fred Brown.
On July 3 they were in the hottest spot during the cannonade. One of the guns was being loaded when a confederate
shell hit the muzzle face and exploded. Private William Jones, No1, was killed instantly, No2, Alfred Gardener had
started to insert the next round when a shell hit, tearing his left arm off. He died a few minutes later, shouting Glory to God!
Hallelujah! As the gun cooled, the shot they were loading became permanently lodged in the barrell.
It has been on display in the state house since 1902. In 1962, someone remembered that there was still gunpowder in there,
the they removed the barrel, and soaked it in water to soak the gunpowder so it would not be a potential hazard.
I will have to find my pictures of it that I took when I went to Providence two years ago to visit my sister.
They also have some battle flags from Rhode Island regiments on display.
Oh- the other cannon is from the Bull Run Battle.

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RE:  The topic of surveying statues around the  country.

A decade ago I visited both the State Houses of N.H. and  Maine.

They both had large Civil _War_ (mailto:W at ar)  exhibits that were 
impressive and included  seized trophies from the Conf armies.  I would assume that 
some of the  trophies came from Gtysbg.

I should go visit the MD and VA state houses.  I've never  been inside 

It would be interesting if other members have found CW  exhibits in their 
state houses.

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