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Thank you, Sherrie,
I wiki'd it under Stanford White.  
I have severe ADHD and for some reason names,   Famous names like G wash, 
and a. Lincoln suddenly go blank.
It makes me a great tourguide as I always have more stories to  tell than 
time but is occasionally embarrassing when I can't remember names I've  known 
for years.
If I meet someone socially usually 10 seconds after I am  introduced I 
forget the name.  I don't remember faces either.
I just recognized your email address.  You are FannieCAC  from the old AOL 
Civil War chat room aren't you?
Your  Most Obedient Servant,

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Stanford  White,huh?   I was just telling   Nancy Stanford White designed  
Blair Mansion Inn on Jubal  Early's HQ at  Ft Stevens.

I  can't remember his mistresses's  name.  Evelyn   something.

Evelyn Nesbit.  Married  Harry K. Thaw, who murdered Stanford White for  
"ruining" her.   Was sent to Matteawan State Hospital for the Criminally  
(now  Fishkill Correctional Facility).  Thanks to his family's money,  he  
didn't spend much time there.

One of the storylines treated in E.L.  Doctorow's RAGTIME.

Sherrie  House

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