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The MD state house decades ago had an exhibit of battleflags from the war but they're long since removed to the archives where they aren't available for viewing. Nothing much else there, except they are currently restoring the old senate chamber to it's 1783 appearance when George Washington resigned his commission to Congress. The National Cemetery in town though does contain Gettysburg casualties and the Naval Academy cemetery has a number of notables including General Lockwood from XII Corps.

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> RE:  The topic of surveying statues around the  country.
> A decade ago I visited both the State Houses of N.H. and  Maine.
> They both had large Civil _War_ (mailto:W at ar)  exhibits that were 
> impressive and included  seized trophies from the Conf armies.  I would assume that 
> some of the  trophies came from Gtysbg.
> I should go visit the MD and VA state houses.  I've never  been inside 
> either.
> It would be interesting if other members have found CW  exhibits in their 
> state houses.
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> Peter
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