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The Kansas statehouse has a huge portrait of John Brown with a bible in one 
hand and a rifle in the other with clashing armies, sullen skies, burning 
cities, and a tornado in the background.
They were a little more basic out here.


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The "new" RI Statehouse (1904) has the Gettysburg Gun and the Bull Run Gun 
on opposite sides of the foyer as you come in from the main entrance on 
Smith Street. Both have pretty good signage / explanations. They were used 
by RI Light Artillery Battery B & Battery A, resp.

There are many Civil War and later battle flags in cases behind each weapon. 
They are in deplorable condition although well marked. I have not seen any 
Confederate flags.

The 'Old' Statehouse, where RI declared its independence from Great Britain 
on 5/4/76 is nearby. There are huge stone pedestals outside with the names 
'Gettysburg' and 'Bull Run' on them. It is where the aforementioned guns 
were eventually placed upon their return to RI until the elements started 
having their way and they went inside, probably 1904 or shortly thereafter.

The new statehouse is an extraordinarily beautiful building, reminiscent of 
the old PA Station in NYC if you were around and remember that, which stands 
to reason - both were designed by Stanford White's architectural firm and 
around the same time. It is well worth a visit.

Mike DiLauro
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