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Nancy, Tipton Park was a plot of land about 10 acres in size between Devils Den and through the slaughter pen. It was the property of photographer
 William Tipton and served as the "Tipton Station" stop on the electric RR. At times before the park entered the public provenance, it contained restaurants (including one in the saddle between the round tops), a hotel in which various recreations were provided and, of course the Tipton Studio, which was, of course, a tourist trap of the highest water. You could take a train from Philadelphia, Baltimore or DC and get off at Tipton Station with transfers.
It was quite a touristy thing. I have read that there was a fall leaf tour in the area that staged through there.
Tip ton himself is regarded as sort of early day park historian, and of course his photos are a valuable record of the early era from the battle through the early 20th Century.
But he was in reality an entrepreneur.
Nothing wrong with that of course.


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>Esteemed GDG Member Contributes:
>> Tipton Park was the name of the park near Little Round Top. It took me a while to remember that name.
>> Does anyone know anything about it, or where I could find info about it?
>> I know it was there around 1900, but that is all I know.
>> Nancy Householder
> There's a great deal of information about it in Adelman and Smith's book "Devil's Den, a History and Guide." J.D. 		 	   		  
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