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Is that in the general area of where the rest station is/was?

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Tipton Park was the property of William tipton, the photographer, who owned about 10 acres or so of land across the (East)  road from Devils Den up through the Slaughter Pen. He had his studio there and was pretty much THE rubber tomahawk peddler of his era, Tipton Park was also held Tipton station, a stiop on the Electric RR. Which meant, as has been posted, that you could get on the train in DC, Baltimore or Philidelphia and get off at tipton Park (with tansfers. At various times there was a hotel there (with amusements available) places to eat and souvenirs vaialable.

I understand tghat there were other events there as Gettysburg was a destination attraction. I understand that there was a dance hall on LRT and an annual fall foliage tour was staged through there.


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> Tipton Park was the name of the park near Little Round Top. It took me a while to remember that name.
> Does anyone know anything about it, or where I could find info about it?
> I know it was there around 1900, but that is all I know.
> Nancy Householder
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