GDG- cannon restoration

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Mon Jan 9 10:08:20 CST 2012

 > From: "Jack Lawrence" <jlawrence at>
> Subject: Re: GDG- cannon restoration
>> This is all part of the Latscar maintenance plan, isn't it?
>> Jack
> I'm not sure whose idea it was, but the building is leased by the 
> foundation.  I think it might predate Dr. Latschar's tenure.  I'll ask at 
> the shop.
> Leo McGuire
I stopped in this morning, and confirmed that the cannon shop was Dr. 
Latschar's idea.  He first hired a monuments/cannons restoration person in 
1995, then the shop in about 1997, because they ran out of room at the 
maintenance building.  The Foundation does the leasing, because if the NPS 
rented it, it would have a strict list of requirements to meet, but that 
does not apply if a third party provides the facility.
Leo McGuire 

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