GDG- Shead's Woods and the "Harvest of Death" photograph

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Thankyou Charles. I read with some interest the three parts, and frankly, I'm under impressed. I mean, it's a cute article and all, and the pictures are nice. Other than offering a seperate route to reach the field though, with no evidence, circumstantial or otherwise, the whole article just seems about naming some names. I can see why WF is annoyed that his earlier work was quoted and referenced, but not his later work.
I'm probably not the best judge, what with one thing and another, but I think I'll hang with Frassanito's version, or maybe, write my own.
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Hey Keith,
I'll try to send the link...I'm not very good at this hi-tech stuff.

It's in three parts, and I think it's persuasive. Far be it from me to criticize Mr. Frassanito, but I don't see anything in his previous works that refutes this.  He, or someone, needs to do more than just say "it ain't so" in my view.

Maybe if we have a warmer weather version of Wayne's tour (Not 40 mph wind gusts this time) we can go over it?

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