GDG- Shead's Woods and the "Harvest of Death" photograph

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Sat Jan 7 15:43:42 CST 2012

<<  Hold on a second ref! doesnt snipping apply to digests? Frankly, i find responses to emails that have been snipped frustrating, because I dont know which one of a half dozen posts they are responding to. Please define the snip rule to allow us the opportunity to connect the response to the subject.

"Hello! I'm The Doctor."
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Digests should certainly be trimmed before replying, but, so also should lengthy individual posts.  Include in youir reply only the specific points or points you're making reference to.
Most e-mail programs have (mine does, anyway) an option to "include original message in reply."  This should be turned OFF when replying to GDG posts, either in digest or individual post format.  Doing so will force the person replying to include any content from the original post manually.

Jim Cameron

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