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 One of the things that they liked to scare people with, is talk of black 
men being equal with white women,

or marrying white women. That would be a mixing of the races!! How 
What no one liked to mention, is the mixing of the races for century's as 
white owners often took black slaves
as concubines, thereby producing slaves who were mixed, black and white. 
Since the mothers were slaves,
the children were slaves, so I guess they didn't count.

Nancy Householder

Nancy, in Louisiana the system was especially nuanced, with mulattos, 
quadroons, octroons etc. Freedmen could marry a slave and rent a lace in her 
bed for a dollar a week, but she still belonged to the master, who could 
evict the husband any time he wanted. The social pressires that could be 
brought to bear in this faux free system of slavery were such that, when the 
bandbox Louisiana Gaurds were formed, the power structure had no problem in 
finding social inducements to pressure free blacks to enlist.
There was an annual ball in New Orleans that took place in two ball 
rooms-connected by a single door. In one room, the white men and their wives 
partied and in the next room, the white husbands would go over and party 
with their black mistresses, some of whom were free but their children were 

It touched everything.



The Louisiana Gaurds, despite all you hear from the SCV and their fellow 
travelers, never saw combat. Until after New Orleans was captured. At which 
point, they willingly entered the Union Army and saw desperate action at 
Port Hudson. We went to Port Hudson a few years ago. I gotta tell you that, 
standing below port Hudson, mid-calf deep in a bayou and looking up that 
nearly vertical slope, I was thinking it made LRT or any other slope assault 
I have seen on any field in the ACW, Prairie Grove, Fredericksburg, 
Spotsylvania, et al, look like a shallow slope. 

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