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Keith, excellent observations.

Scott's theory is in 3 parts, the first of which is at:

On Jan 7, 2012, at 2:33 PM, keith mackenzie wrote:

> Esteemed GDG Member Contributes:
> Right. I found both my "Early Photography at Gettysburg", and  
> "Journey In Time". It took me a while to find journey, as it was in  
> a stack of milk crates full of Lp's. During the search,. I found a  
> copy of "Johnny Winter And...Live" Which I think contains the best  
> live slide solo that has ever been recorded, ever, by anyone ( "Mean  
> Town Blues"). naturally, I lost all interest in finding Journey and  
> spent the rest of the evening annoying my wife with repeatedly  
> replaying the album, and the cut, until, fed up
> she went and found "Journey in Time" for me. All part of my clever  
> plan. I digress. Having spent the last couple of hours re reading  
> both sections concerning the Union Dead Photographs, and studying  
> the pictures, and those of the Confederate Dead, I have a couple of  
> observations:
> 1) The horror of these pictures has not diminished with time.
> 2) Frassanito makes a strong, though circumstantial, case for the   
> the location on the southern end of the field. (I am not aware that  
> circumstantial evidence is the same as Bad Evidence).
> 3) His hypothesis that Gardner chose the photographs to represent  
> "the field where Reynolds was killed"
> after the fact,( because it contained no readily identifiable  
> features) in order to compete with Bradys pictures of the same  
> subject, is not only probable, but likely. Gardner was a Scot. I  
> have known lots of Scots, in fact, was raised by them, and I have no  
> problem at all accepting that such an opportunity would not have  
> gone unexploited. I would have done it myself. (I look forward to  
> your angry emails.)
> 4) His conclusion that the location can probably never been know  
> exactly is spot on, which leaves future generations of GDGers  
> something fun to talk about.
> I haven't compared Scott Hardwicks hypothesis because I haven't read  
> it yet, or seen it. I dont get any of the Gettysburg related  
> publications. I don't recall if anyone posted a link to it, but if  
> they did, if they would please be so kind as to send it to me by  
> personal email, I will jump right on it.
> K.
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