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Right. I found both my "Early Photography at Gettysburg", and "Journey In Time". It took me a while to find journey, as it was in a stack of milk crates full of Lp's. During the search,. I found a copy of "Johnny Winter And...Live" Which I think contains the best live slide solo that has ever been recorded, ever, by anyone ( "Mean Town Blues"). naturally, I lost all interest in finding Journey and spent the rest of the evening annoying my wife with repeatedly replaying the album, and the cut, until, fed up 
she went and found "Journey in Time" for me. All part of my clever plan. I digress. Having spent the last couple of hours re reading both sections concerning the Union Dead Photographs, and studying the pictures, and those of the Confederate Dead, I have a couple of observations:
1) The horror of these pictures has not diminished with time.
2) Frassanito makes a strong, though circumstantial, case for the  the location on the southern end of the field. (I am not aware that circumstantial evidence is the same as Bad Evidence).
3) His hypothesis that Gardner chose the photographs to represent "the field where Reynolds was killed"
after the fact,( because it contained no readily identifiable features) in order to compete with Bradys pictures of the same subject, is not only probable, but likely. Gardner was a Scot. I have known lots of Scots, in fact, was raised by them, and I have no problem at all accepting that such an opportunity would not have gone unexploited. I would have done it myself. (I look forward to your angry emails.)
4) His conclusion that the location can probably never been know exactly is spot on, which leaves future generations of GDGers something fun to talk about.
I haven't compared Scott Hardwicks hypothesis because I haven't read it yet, or seen it. I dont get any of the Gettysburg related publications. I don't recall if anyone posted a link to it, but if they did, if they would please be so kind as to send it to me by personal email, I will jump right on it.

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<<  These ma y be the only photographs of dead Union soldiers on the field. If all these bodies are Union, i.e. there are no unburied Confederate dead in this vicinity, then either there were no Confederate deaths in this area during the battle, a relatively unlikely scenario , or else this spot was within Confederate lines. This would have allowed the ANV time to bury their comrades. This is another circumstantial piece of evidence that points to the relative safety of the ground west of the ER ridge as the possible site, where any Confederate dead would have been buried at this site or removed from the field and buried farther behind the lines. 

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That would seem to apply equally to Scott's location on the 1st Day's field.  If fact, perhaps even more so.

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