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That is exactly why I referred to the Black Republicans. That was the term the southern politicians used to convince
everyone to vote for seccsion  and creating the Confederacy.

Nancy H

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I think what you mean to refer to are the "Radical Republicans" (men like Ben Wade and Thaddeus Steven) who are lot more popular with academic historians than they are with the popular ones.

But "Black Republicans" was a term used by southerners as a blanket condemnation of the entire Republican party, with Abraham Lincoln being the "blackest" of them all.  And I've run across some good things said about him here and there.

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In the history I have never heard any positive commentary on  them.

Usually they made trouble with the committee on  the conduct of the war.

I have never read about them without them not being   described in less 
than positive terms.

Have you?

They don't appear to be lauded in history

;-)   !!!!

I am trying to be light-hearted and erase any impression of  being 

Your  Most Obedient Servant,

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Come again?
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Black  Republicans....

Nobody likes them....

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