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William- I think that is a good question. The politicians in the south convinced the majority of the people
that Independence from the United States ( Union) would allow them to keep the status quo.  In other words
they wouldn't be any more interference with slavery and the negros would remain as they were. Either slaves,
or freedmen, were still at the bottom of the social ladder. No talk about equality, either! 

One of the things that they liked to scare people with, is talk of black men being equal with white women, 

or marrying white women. That would be a mixing of the races!! How terrrible!
What no one liked to mention, is the mixing of the races for century's as white owners often took black slaves
as concubines, thereby producing slaves who were mixed, black and white. Since the mothers were slaves,
the children were slaves, so I guess they didn't count.  

Nancy Householder

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Most Southerner fought to defend their homes and familes. The slave owning aristoracy controlled the politics
of the states and pushed for seccesion. They then convinced everyone else to fight to defend your homes and
familys from the Yankees and the Black Republicans. They spread the lie that the Black Republicans were out
to not just free the slaves, but give the negros equality with the whites, and let Negro men marry white women!
Even the poorest white, was considered better than the negro on the social scale. Now the Black Republicans
were out to make the negros equal with the whites!  Heresy!  Quick, sign up to fight for the Confederacy!!!

Nancy Householder


Hi Nancy,

   What part do you think Independence played for Southern boys to fight for the South ?

     William Richardson
     Mount Gilead, North Carolina

" The direct cause of the outbreak of the War Between The States was slavery; the direct object of the prosecution of the war was the preservation of the Union. "
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