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Well great John,
I haven't been down there for the last couple of years and if  you are a 
Civil War nut the event is a thrill.  I've even seen the mayor  speak at this.
We'll see if any GDG people make it.
Your  Most Obedient Servant,

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Sounds like a great  idea...Feb. 12th at the Lincoln monument??  Keep me
abreast and I've  already put it on my calendar. It would be nice to invite
members.  I  would vote for the Hard Times on King Street but anyplace is
fine.  At  worst it will be you and I and perhaps a few locals I know.  If
we  don't meet before then at least we have a starting time and a  good
event.   Thanks for the invite and heads-up.    John

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>  FYI-
> In case anyone is interested some 1/2 dz times I have  trucked  my behind
> down to the Lincoln Memorial for the Lincoln  Birthday  Commemoration.
> It is unforgettable.  They  do speeches, normally  bring in the general in
> charge of the  Military District of Washington, and a  whole buncha
>  reenactors
> and women in Mary Lincoln dresses.  Goes on for  a  good two hours.
> Way cool.
> And, here's  what's really cool....  At the end of the  ceremony they  
> in the finest bestest bugle player from Ft. Myer to play   Taps.  I am 
> the impression that Ft Myer is the premier  place for  buglers.
> The inside walls are polished Indiana  sandstone (I  think).  When they 
> Taps in there it goes  down to the depths of you  spine.and chills you.  
> notes  seem to float inside the polished stone  walls like colored  
> I have heard Taps over many years.
>  You'll never hear it like it sounds in the utter quiet of the   Lincoln
> Memorial.
> If I am not working I will probly go  down.  All are  invited to go.
> Then afterwards we  will fight over where to get chili in  DC.
> Your   Most Obedient Servant,
> Peter
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