GDG- Black Republicans

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That's definitely a problem.  I sometimes confuse things, too.  Thankfully, my wife is there to unconfuse me.  :)

Tell me ... if a man makes a statement in the middle of a forest with no woman within hearing distance, is he still wrong?  :)

Best Regards,
Al Mackey

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 am old Al.  I get confooozed easily.  In the  middle of the night I get 
ost trying to find the bathroom, which is usually a  problem. 

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I believe you're confusing "Black Republicans"  with Radical Republicans.  
hey were pretty good, too.
Best  Regards,
l Mackey

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  the history I have never heard any positive commentary on   them.
sually they made trouble with the committee on  the conduct  of the war.
have never read about them without them not  being   described in less 
an positive terms.
ave  you?
hey don't appear to be lauded in history
-)    !!!!
am trying to be light-hearted and erase any impression of   being 
our  Most Obedient Servant,
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me  again?
nt on the Sprint® Now Network from  my  BlackBerry®
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ack   Republicans....
obody likes them....
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