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A third of all families in the seceded states were slave-owning families.  Looking at just the slaveowner is a distorted view.  Let's say a slaveowner owned 1,000 slaves and he and his wife had 10 children.  If we're to look only at the slaveowner, then less than 10% of that group of people owned slaves, and the rest didn't own a single slave.  Yet I'm sure all will agree every member of that family had a personal interest in maintaining the institution of slavery.

About 40% of the Army of Northern Virginia, according to Joe Glatthaar, were from slave-owning families.

While the typical slave owner only owned a few slaves, the typical slave was on a large plantation.

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i John-

ou make good points.

omeone correct me if I am wrong but I am of the view that  only a few per 
ent of the white male Southernors owned even one slave and that  of the 
tereotypical picture we have of  large plantations with dozens/hundreds of 
laves it was less than one per cent of the  Southern population.

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